Navigate The Open Water With A Marine Gps

By | October 22, 2021

By Derrick Bogaster

In the past, mariners use to navigate by the stars. Today, they navigate by satellites through the Global Positioning System (GPS). This brilliant piece of technology can locate a person with a GPS receiver anywhere on Earth and report back their exact location with astonishing accuracy. It can also tell a sailor out on the ocean or lake how to get to any chosen destination quickly and easily.

Hundreds of different types of marine GPS units are for sale. As you can imagine, all are waterproof and have various features that help you navigate out on the water. The units have pre-programmable databases for all the rivers and lakes as well as nautical markers for lights, buoys, sound signals and day beacons among other things.

Not only will a Marine GPS unit aid a fisherman or boatman to keep his bearing, it can also help them catch more fish. Using the GPS navigation maps the device can indicate what the currents are like and where the best places to find fish. It can even locate caves and contours in the waterways.


The smaller marine GPS units are typically used for recreational use and are usually portable as well. The gadgets contain bearings for longitudes and latitudes that assist one to establish sunset and sunrise. You can also save the routes and tracking points.

Types of Marine GPS Devices

If you are looking to purchase a Marine GPS then it is important to do your home and to compare different models to discover which unit will best meet your needs. Some GPS units are handheld while others are much larger portable ones with more features. The larger devices typically have 7 inch or more screen that ensure that the picture is large enough to distinguish various shapes and markings.

A recently launch marine GPS is the Navigational Adventure. This device has a massive 16MB storage space and that has an in built database for maps that include city locations, waterways, airports and highways of North America, and fixed nautical to indicate things like buoys and lighthouses. There is also the displaying of bearings and knots. This one has WAAS technology.

Mariner 260 is another marine GPS. It has a rugged outer shell that is waterproof and has a 155MB internal memory. There are over 1000 waypoints included in the device and graphic symbols. The unit can save a maximum of 20 logs which is a Hansel and Gretel feature that enables you to retrace where you have been. It has an alarm, clock and a trip computer which offers an odometer.

Marine GPS units make your trip out on the water more enjoyable. You will know exactly where you are at all times and where you need to go. Units with added features allow you to fish more effectively and discover what the weather forecast is going to be. Not only that, but they can make your trip a lot safer if you ever get in to serious difficulties and that is a benefit that is often understated.

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