Texas Bariatric Specialists Patient Is Living An Active Lifestyle Due To March 2012gastric Bypassprocedure,

By | April 15, 2021

Texas Bariatric Specialists patient is living an active lifestyle due to March 2012gastric bypassprocedure,


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Stacy Ashton is living an active lifestyle as a hard-worker, cheerleading mom, and wife; but before her March 2012

Gastric Bypass Surgery San Antonio

, Stacy was unable to walk up stairs without pain and discomfort.


Stacy grew up a very active and outgoing child. She participated in cheerleading, volleyball, and the dance team. She had a high metabolism growing up, so she was able to eat anything she wanted and never gain any weight; but once Stacy had her first child, things started to drastically change. She began eating a ton of carbs and never exercised anymore. She ended up jumping to 181 lbs. and stabilized at a size 10. Her legs hurt from inactivity but it wasn t until her second pregnancy that she put on even more weight hitting an all-time high of size 20! That was when she knew she needed to take action.

She started measuring all of her food, taking diet pills, and working out for 5 hours a day, but nothing seemed to work. Stacy knew this wasn t a healthy way to live and wondered if she d ever see the real her again. When preparing for nights out, she was always the last one done getting ready because she was very conscious and careful about the way she dressed. Yes, she was still just as outgoing, but the person she saw in the mirror was not who she was on the inside. Would going shopping ever be fun again? She stated, They don t even offer a lot of the clothing styles I like in plus size!

To add to her struggle, physically, Stacy felt awful. The weight gain caused her legs and feet to swell up to the point that it hurt to walk. It felt like I was walking on rocks! she exclaimed. To add to the discomfort, seasonal allergies started to creep in that lead to bronchitis. With her family s strong history of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, this yearly cycle of sickness and unsuccessful weight loss concerned her. She not only wanted to get help but needed to get help, for her kids sake.

Over time, Stacy noticed one of her co-workers that had undergonebariatric surgerymaking a transformation and wondered, Where did you go?! Her co-worker stated that she had gone to Dr. Nilesh Patel at Texas Bariatric Specialists. She decided to make the leap and go see Dr. Patel herself and couldn t be happier with that decision. Stacy was not only pleased with the doctor and her results but also the staff, both at the hospital and in the office. I didn t feel like just a number! If I lived in San Antonio, I would definitely want work for their hospital and take care of the Bariatric patients.

After surgery, Stacy went through a complete lifestyle change. She dropped all the way down to a size 3/4 and the swelling on her feet subsided, bringing her shoes a half size down as well. She was able to go shopping again and even had to put some clothing items back because they were too big. She still can t believe it every time someone tells her that she should try on a smaller size. When she tried on some of her old clothes, her fully supportive husband laughed, That shirt looks like a dress! When it comes to food, she thinks about everything she puts in her mouth. She drinks a lot of shakes and stays under her daily recommended sugar in-take. She now sticks to a regular workout schedule and includes a lot of cardio exercises in her routine. Even while traveling on the road for her daughter s competitive cheer competitions, she always makes sure to bring work-out gear along with her. And, as for her bronchitis, she hasn t had one case of it since before her procedure.

The highlight of her transformation was the moment when she was able to put on a swimsuit again after 19 years. It made her daughter so happy that she was able to get in a pool with her. Stacey said, I m the mom I want to be! I m beginning to live again!


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