The Most Popular Tourist Attractions In Calgary, Canada

By | August 13, 2021

Submitted by: Erik Oltrogge

Calgary is among the youngest cities in Canada but it is fast growing and currently it is an significant business, trade, cultural and tourist center. In case you decide to visit this friendly city day or two won t be enough so you can stay several days in some of the cozy hotels in Calgary and enjoy a stunning vacation.

There are numerous museums, art galleries and a lot of other attractions which are worth to be visited but here is the list with the most beautiful of them.

1.Olympic Plaza- This was the location of the 1988 Olympic Games medals presentation and winter months it becomes a skating ring. This is the area where most of the festivals at the city are organized and this is a preferred place for different events like music concerts, ballet and many others.


2.Calgary Tower- This is one further famous among the tourists visiting Calgary attraction. There is located an observatory plus a planetarium and is can be a wonderful place to be visited by your whole family. Its architecture is unique and it reaches around 200meters height. From the top you can enjoy some magnificent view to the nearby Rocky Mountains.

3.Calgary Chinese Cultural Center- Of course as various of the American cities, Calgary also has a China town. And in the heart of this china town you can find the charming Calgary Chinese Cultural Center. There you may see typical Chinese architecture represented at the Hall of Prayers of the Temple of Heaven, that is originally located in Beijing. The complex comprises also a museum, art gallery with traditional Chinese arts and a couple of other attractions, as well as great Chinese restaurant.

4.The Museum of the Regiments- This is the largest military museum in western Canada. It is devoted to the history of Calgary-based regiments as far back as 1900. The exhibits there include various memorabilia. This is an beautiful place to go to for people who need to figure out a lot more about the history of Canada.

5.Big Rock Brewery- if you are a fan of the beer, don t miss to take a look at this attraction. You will find tours organized that lasts all around 1 hour. You may see how this delicious beer is produced. Finally needless to say you can taste it.

6.Calgary Zoo- Calgary Zoo, Botanical Gardens and Prehistoric Park are located at the George’s Island and these are among the leading attractions in the city. There you will find a considerable collection of exotic animals, a lot of plants and dinosaur statues. It is possibly the most popular zoo in the entire Canada and don t miss to visit it.

These are just small part of the attractions which you can visit in Calgary. You can find also gorgeous shopping centers, cozy restaurants and numerous night clubs. You’ll find all types of attractions. If you want to explore the beauties you may stay a couple of days in the charming Calgary hotels and have a fantastic and fascinating vacation here.

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