Laser Hair Removal A Solution For Clearwater Pcos Suffers

By | August 1, 2021


Laser hair removal can be a viable solution for many Clearwater, FL women suffering from a condition known as hirsutism, or hair growth on areas of the body where hair does not typically grow heavily. Examples of hirsutism include noticeable hair growth on the upper lip, thighs, belly, arms, nipples, toes, back, or chin and chest: places hair is expected to grow on men, but not on women.

Hirsutism can be extremely embarrassing for women. One cause of this condition is polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS. Women with PCOS produce an excess of male androgens (hormones like testosterone) which results in excess hair growth in places only men grow hair. There are many ways to treat PCOS. However, once hair follicles are created, it is impossible to reverse hair growth once it has started through most prescription medication. More often than not, the hair growth is in sensitive areas which do not respond well to shaving or waxing. Maintaining excess body hair can be extremely frustrating and distressing to women.

Many PCOS sufferers in Clearwater, FL have experienced positive results with laser hair removal. The laser hair removal process involves a physician applying an intense beam of laser light to the area of excess hair growth. Laser hair removal is most successful in patients who have light skin tones and dark hair. There is a risk of skin irritation or swelling, and in some cases, changes to skin pigmentation. However, these symptoms are relatively mild and rare.

Laser hair removal is a non-permanent process which has a much longer-term effect in comparison to other methods of hair removal. Many women opt for this method because of the lowered risk of creating irritating bumps or ingrown hairs that waxing or shaving leads to.

It is normal for all women to have some hair growth on all areas of their bodies. However, if your body produces excess male androgens, those “peach fuzz” hairs develop into “terminal” hair, which is darker, thicker, longer, and much more noticeable. Over time, hair growth in PCOS sufferers who use laser hair removal treatments will diminish. Hair growth will most likely not go away entirely, but in many cases, it will be reduced significantly. Many Clearwater, FL women who undergo laser hair removal treatments on a regular basis are pleased with the results.