Vaiko The Important Politician From Tamil Nadu

By | April 20, 2022

Vaiko – The Important Politician From Tamil Nadu


Suhaina Mazhar

Vai. Gopalsamy was born into a Telugu speaking Kamma Naidu household in Kallingapatti in Madras presidency. He\’s an attorney by education and had been a part of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam party right up until he had a problem with it and launched his very own political party Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam party called as MDMK. He\’s a great speaker and has the power of pulling huge crowd any place he offers his hot speech.

He entered the Upper House as a member in the late seventies. He continues to be a notable member in the Upper House for three terms for 18 long years. He\’s an effective and recognized leader there. He also served as the member of the Indian Lok Sabha two times. Thanks to his sober ways he\’s nicknamed as Tiger of the Indian Parliament.

He strongly encourages terrorist outfit LTTE and he offered a controversial presentation holding up the LTTE against the POTA (prevention of terrorist activities act) as a result was taken up to jail where he was required to spend eighteen months. The LTTE is forbidden in 52 international locations however Vaiko firmly believes this particular organization is just not what individuals believe it is. He has forced different political outfits to lift this prohibition as he thinks it will be an endeavor to suppress free speech.


He has been going to jail on numerous situations often for being a part of the LTTE and at times for charges like sedition. He was imprisoned twenty eight times and has spent four years of his life in prison. Vaiko had made numerous disturbing presentations at the meeting of the party on the Sri Lankan separate Tamil state and government raids into LTTE locations. He encouraged the men and women as well as assured them that he himself was prepared to pick up arms and fight for a separate Tamil state.

Being one of the forefront members in social work for the MDMK party, he has carried out plenty of work to keep the party in the lime-light. He performs numerous societal works like blood donation through the Blood Donors Club managed by the MDMK. He filled sand into trucks by himself whilst performing the Tank De-silting Program and an additional contribution to society being the free healthcare camps for that under privileged plus the poor in several parts of his constituency.

He organized for vaccinating the 65 thousand youngsters of Sivakasi with 3 doses of shots to defend these people from jaundice and he used his own funds to the cause. He spearheads rehabilitation of the disabled children.

Vaiko is one of the very few individuals who had a highly effective solution to solving drought and famine in the states of India. He advised interlining of rivers to create a grid. This may help suitable distribution of water and could allow breathe fresh life into farming. Vaiko photos and Vaiko videos from his sittings in parliament in which he continuously requested this linkage is inspiring. He has in addition continuously demanded for protected return of Tamil people kept hostage in Gulf countries and overseas. He likewise put up his voice towards the atomic factory situated at Kudankullam. He\’s one among the revolutionary politicians of Tamil Nadu.

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